Party Suggestion

Minimum of 30 guests calculation. Necessary to chose less items of the
menu for less than 30 ppl.

Cold Appetizers (300g/guest)

  • Selected Smoked meats and ham tray
  • Variety Cheeses with juicy grapes
  • Caviar and Eggs
  • Smoked salmon “Tatar” steaks with capern
  • Blue cheese stuffed tomatoes

The price per guest is  349 Kč

We would like to announce the opportunity of an outside BBQ. We recommend smoked pork rump (approx. 12Kg /26 pounds a 1 piece)

Salad (150g /guest)

  • Golem's mixed Salad
    • Feta Cheese
    • Herb
    • French dressing

First Hot Dishes (200g /guest)

  • Mini-skewer (pork sirloin, chicken breasts and English bacon)
  • Garlic tender cutlets (pork sirloin and chicken breasts)
  • Side Dishes (150g /guest) :
    • roasted potatoes
    • baked rolls
    • bread
  • Dipping Souces :
    • American remoulade
    • Tartar sauce
Party Suggestion

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