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Menu 1  Price per person is 389 Kč

  • Cheese mousse stuffed apple
  • Beef broth with beef liver meatballs
  • Rudolph's Surprise (150g of pork fillet with poached broccoli, carrots, mushrooms
    sauce and roasted potatoes (standard – medium)
  • Old fashioned Czech pancakes with warm blueberry sauce

Menu 2   Price per person is 369 Kč

  • Tartar Beefsteak on smoked Salmon (with Capari and herbal toasts)
  • Vegetable medley in Chicken broth
  • Castle Chicken Breasts (150g grilled on sweet Basil, with Grandmother's Potatoes -prepared on bacon, with cream)
  • Apple dumpling with caramel sauce and ice cream

Menu 3   Price per person is 375 Kč

  • Ham roll with horseradish whipped cream sauce
  • French Onion soup with cheese croutons
  • Golem's Skewer (150g pork sirloin, chicken breasts and English bacon with baked potatoes and Garlic dipping sauce)
  • Homemade apple strudel

Menu 4   Price per person is 389 Kč

  • Chicken salad served on green lettuce leaves
  • Beef broth with meatball strudel
  • Chicken breasts and pork loin with herb sauce and French fries (150g of meat)
  • Apple pancake

Menu 5   Price per person is 369 Kč

  • Ham roll with asparagus
  • Vegetable medley in Chicken broth
  • Countess's Strad Titbid (150g – pieces of pork fillet and chicken breasts with thyme, cream sauce and wild rice)
  • Hot raspberries and vanilla creamy

We do require to chose the same menu and dishes per reservation of 10 or more people. This preset formal menu will also give a wonderful individuality to any celebration and party.

We would like to announce the opportunity of an outside BBQ.
We recommend smoked pork rump (approx. 12Kg /26 pounds a 1 piece)

We also offer buffet style festive banquet, recommended for night celebration

Menu Suggestion

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