Main Dishes



Golem's mixed Salad with Feta Cheese                65/89Kč

small 250g / grand 350g

Greece Salad  -  small 250g/grand 350g         87Kč/110Kč     

varicolored vegetable, mixed oliven, red onion and Feta cheese

Salad Caesar  -  grand 350g                 145Kč

Variation of green salads with crusted chicken breast,

english bacon and parmesan's dressing

Salad with fine Goat Cheese – 350g                145Kč

Variation of green salads, green pear, wallnuts and shallot's dressing            


Vegetarian dishes

Tortellini ricotta                                                   155Kč

Tortellini filled with cottage cheese, spinach sauce with garlic

Penne Arabiata                                           129Kč

with pieces of parmesan and olives

Broccoli after Mr. Bommeli                       149Kč

with cream Mushroom sauce, almonds and parsley potatoes



Specialities of King's Court

(Time of preparation of these specialties can be 45 minutes)

 Roast Sirloin Cook's Tomš                                145Kč

on cream sauce with home-made dumplings and cranberries

Brandýs Burgrave chicken nuggets                   155Kč

in crunchy garlic crust, served on tomato carpaccio 

(recommended with tomatoes only instead of starch)

Chicken Piccata                                            175Kč

chicken steaks in cheese blanket and potatoes with finely cut parsley tops

Royal Chateau Chicken Breast              169Kč

sautéed with basil, served with "grandma” potatoes

(lightly sautéed spring potatoes with cream and English bacon)

Chicken breast after Alessandro Scotta       195Kč

Chicken breast, filled with prunes, blue cheese sauce and roasted potatoes

Catherina Stradova Delicious Medley         189Kč

noodle-cut chicken breast and tender pork seasoned with thyme

in cream sauce, served with choose rice or roasted potatoes

Emperor Rudolf's wrapped chicken breast        235Kč

filled with smoked salmon and green asparagus,

in wine sauce, served with chateau potatoes

Cutlet de Swiss                                                 175Kč

delicious tender boneless pork chop filled

with ham and cheese, served with herbed parsley potatoes

Earl of Libstein Cutlets                                 179Kč

tender pork cutlets seasoned with blended coloured

peppers and sautéed vegetable, recommended with no starch

Rudolph's Surprise                              235Kč

Pork fillet with poached broccoli, carrots, mushrooms

sauce and croquettes (standard – medium)

Pfeffersteak                                                         349Kč

Undercut tenderloin with pepper sauce,

served with spring parsley potatoes and steamed broccoli

Beefsteak of Emperator Maxmilian                389Kč

stuffed with feta cheese, rolled with bacon, green beans,

mashed creamed potatoes (beef is standard – medium)

Lamb cutlets of king Mathew                        369Kč

seasoned with thyme and leaf spinach,

served with rosemary sauce and chateau potatoes



Meals For Two

Grilled Tray "Golem"                              545Kč

400g of grilled beef and pork fillet, chicken fillet,  chatelaine vegetables,

potato kisses, fries potatoes, onion fries and mushroom's sauce


Meal For Four

King's Coronation Banquet    1970Kč

1200g meal  – stuffed quails +  lamb rips + sirloin pork

King's steamed vegetables,

backed potatoes, pommes frites and potato kisses

This feast can also be prepared for two people at the price of          985 Kč



Emperor's Garlic Soup                               45Kč

Soup with the fresh garlic and cream

Other soups according to daily offer


Favourite Fish of the Emperor

Grilled Fillets of Trout at Master Vok        225Kč

butter sautéed with chopped almonds and herbed parsley potatoes

Catfish "Martis"                                       245Kč

baked fillet with dill sprouts in heavy cream dressing and sautéed potatoes

Mister Kepler's Salmon Fillet              285Kč

sautéed fillet served on teriyaki, served with wine sauce,

pickled ginger green beans with bacon, parsley potatotes


For Little Princes

Donald Duck                                            97Kč

Fried breast chicken fillet, pommes frites

with tartar sauce or Ketchup 



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